Wanna One Go Zero Base Ep. 1 [SUBBED]
Wanna One Go Zero Base Ep. 1 [SUBBED]
November, 07, 2017 / 03:22 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

We’re so excited that the highly anticipated episode 1 of Wanna One Go Zero Base is finally out! And for our viewers, we subbed every video clip so get ready, grab a snack and fall more in love with Wanna One!

1. Where Are We Going?

2. “Zero Base” Made Only For Wanna One

3. Jaehwan’s Composition Time Continues (Ft. Hotel Room Reveal)

4.Saddest Oriental Sound In The World By Ong

5. “GOT7’s Jackson Hyung Is The Best!” By Daehwi

6. Daniel’s Kitty-Style Greeting

7. Hwang Minhyun’s Teammate Choices

8. Little Woojin’s Dream Comes True

9. Jaehwanie’s ♥Fan Song♥ Made For Wannables

10. Pink Sausage Duo’s Dialect Class + NEXT WEEK

AAAAAAND bonus clips!

[BONUS] Wanna One 2018 Calendar PC In New Album

[BONUS] Kuanlin, “There Is No End For Wanna One!”

Here’s what’s coming up on the next episode!
[Preview] Wanna One’s 24-hour Free Time!?

We’ll be updating the episodes as our subs become available so check back with us every week!

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