Romantic Comedy, “Introverted Boss” to air First Episode on Monday, 1/16
Romantic Comedy, “Introverted Boss” to air First Episode on Monday, 1/16
January, 11, 2017 / 06:23 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

Are you ready for another adorable romantic comedy to consume all your waking days? We are! tvN’s Introverted Boss will start off the 2017 drama lineup with fresh faces and a warm plot line to ease us through the winter cold. 

Here’s everything you need to know:


Basically us at the club.

Yeon Woo Jin (Marriage Not Dating) stars as the titular introverted boss, Eun Hwan Ki, alongside Park Hye Soo (Age of Youth), playing extrovert and love interest, Chae Ro Woon.


Is anyone else getting a 60’s vibe from Park Hye Soo’s silky, green frock?

Hwan Ki’s shy and reserved nature is taken for a spin when outgoing rookie employee, Ro Woon is hired at his company. Will their clashing personalities survive working in the same office, or is there another reason for Ro Woon being there in the first place?

Yoon Park (Age of Youth) and Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung will also be playing romantic rivals in this drama.  


Raise your hand if awkward, cute, tsundere is your fav. K-Drama leading man type.

After seeing Park Hye Soo play a timid, shy college student in Age of Youth, we’re excited to see her take on a more energetic and lively role.  The awkwardness between our two main leads are too sweet for words!


You can catch the latest trailer HERE on KCON.TV!

Introverted Boss will air its first episode on Monday, 1/16. Be sure to check back on KCON.TV for all the subbed highlights and behind-the-scenes clips!