Learn Korean with K-Drama’s Episode 1
Learn Korean with K-Drama’s Episode 1
January, 04, 2017 / 07:30 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

K-Dramas can be really helpful in learning useful phrases, improving listening skills, and learning about culture. So, below, we’re going to break down a short scene from the popular K-Drama Naeil Cantabile and then teach you how to makes some phrases. Let’s do this!

The scene below is from episode 1 when Yoo-jin wakes up in Nae-il’s extremely messy, cockroach infested house—shirtless. What is a beautiful man to do?

Yoo-jin: 여기 어디야? 쓰레기장이야?

               Yeo-gi Eo-di-ya? Sseu-le-gi-jang-i-ya?

               Where am I? Is this a garbage dump?


Nae-il: 쓰레기장 아니에요. 우리 집이에요.

            Sseu-le-gi-jang a-ni-e-yo. Woo-ri jip-i-e-yo.

            It’s not a garbage dump. It’s my house.


Yoo-jin: 이게 어떻게 집이야! 근데 왜 나 벗겼어?

               I-ge Eo-tteo-ke jip-i-ya? Keun-de, wae na beot-kyeoss-eo?

               How can this be a house? But, why am I undressed?


Nae-il: 왜란요? 정말 몰라요?!

            Wae-ran-yo? Cheong-mal mol-la-yo?

            Why are you saying that? You really don’t know?


If you look at the way Nae-il and Yoo-jin speak, you can see that Nae-il ends her sentences with “요” (존댓밀 jon-daet-mal) while Yoo-jin drops the “요” or ends sentences with “야” (반말 ban-mal). This is because Yoo-jin is above Nae-il in school (he is her 선배 seon-bae), so she must speak respectfully, while Yoo-jin, annoyed as he is, has no need to. We most definitely recommend that you use the “” form unless you’re speaking to someone who is clearly younger than you or you and your friends have agreed to use 반말.



Let’s try to learn one basic sentence structure from this awkward, shirtless morning meeting!

Noun + 어디예요?


Where is ________?

Note: There is some more complex grammatical stuff with topic and subject particles, but, as Yoo Jin did, you can get your point across in conversation even if you drop them in very simple sentences like this. If you want to know more about subject and topic particles, most definitely head over to TTMIK.


2PM 콘서트 어디예요?

2PM con-seo-teu eo-di-ye-yo?

Where is the 2PM concert?


화장실 어디예요?

Hwa-jang-shil eo-di-ye-yo?

Where is the bathroom?




카페 어디예요?

Ka-pe eo-di-ye-yo?

Where is the Café?


자막 어디예요?

Jamak eo-di-ye-yo?

Where are the subtitles?