Here are The Top 5 Things We Learned from #KCON17NY Day 2
Here are The Top 5 Things We Learned from #KCON17NY Day 2
June, 30, 2017 / 02:18 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

And we’re back with our idol recap of #KCON17NY Day 2. If you couldn’t make it out on June 24, or if you just have the urge to relive performances from TWICE, NCT 127, CNBLUE, and UP10TION, scroll down below! And, you can catch more exclusive video from the event on KCON.TV.

Here are The Top 5 Things We Learned from #KCON17NY Day 2

1. If you challenge NCT 127’s Taeil to propose, be prepared to faint, have your heart stolen, and feel all fluttery. These are just facts.
Somewhere right now, Bruno Mars is unknowingly feeling very proud.

…but let’s not forget this NCT 127 fam picture that we’re storing in our phones and hearts forever. 
Gah so cute.


2. TWICE’s Sana & Jihyo are our new our heart aegyo OTP.
Sana ❤️ Jihyo forever


But, not to be outdone, here’s the rest of TWICE living their best aegyo life. 


3. If you thought CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa would have some strong frontman vibes on stage, multiply those thoughts by about…infinity. 
Charisma from head to toe, oozing from every pore.


Need more proof? –>


4. UP10TION may have debuted less than two years ago, but they have the power to put on an tour de force of dance. 

They even jumped up in the air as one UP10TION being. 
With that, a new shade of meaning is added to UP10TION name.


5. There was a surprise 5th lineup–The #143 Pokemon, SNORLAX
We were looking through our footage and found so many majestic photos of this single Snorlax thrown on stage that we couldn’t help but share.

While we’re not sure where he is now, we know in our hearts he may have entered the Prudential Center a Munchlax, but surrounded by all this fan love, he smashed upon the stage a Snorlax. Congrats on leveling-up, you belly-licious, gentle giant.

With this KCON complete, we hope that you made warm memories that will last another year and we’re able to level up through friendship too 🙂


Miss our best moments from Day 1? You can check them out below! And, don’t forget to catch the full #KCON17NY performances on “M Countdown” very soon!

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