Haru Lee Knows How To Keep The Oppas in Line
Haru Lee Knows How To Keep The Oppas in Line
January, 04, 2017 / 02:00 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

Haru Lee, the daughter of Epik High’s Tablo, is a young lady with probably the coolest oppas in the world. She and Tablo star in a reality show entitled “The Return of Superman,” which challenges celebrity fathers to take care of their children for 48 hours while their wives relax.

Tablo, branded as the “daughter’s daddy” consistently tries to earn her love in the face of the chic, fun relationship she shares with her mother, actress Kang Hye-Jung. Through the show Haru meets up with father’s famous idol friends like G-Dragon, picking up crushes and oppas along the way.

This is the story of Haru Lee, who, with her aegyo, cuteness, and charisma, keeps her oppas in line. 


 Haru Lee has a lot of oppas like this guy… Yep, that’s right just chillin’ with Shinee’s Jonghyun sporting an ever so casual pose. 


Or even this guy, model Park Hyeongseop. Rocking the model look together.



Step 1: Show that you are the star. “Uh, Dad, I’m with Taeyang oppa right now.”


Step 2: Play it cool.  “Oh, were you there? I didn’t notice.” Not even giving him a second look, like no other girl could. 


Step 3: Turn on the aegyo. Ever so cutely, bestow a kiss on the cheek.  A young lady so cool that even G-Dragon would patiently wait for a kiss. 


Step 4: Then, turn the tables. “Oppa, why are you in my green room? I’m all out of kisses.” What Haru giveth, Haru taketh away. 


Step 5: Be the life of the party.  Why have 1 oppa when you can have 5?


Step 6: Assert your control with disses, not kisses.  If Dad presents you with a handsome oppa from Winner, don’t say “Wow,” say, “Where?” Way to show them who’s boss. Way to keep the oppas in line. 


Because when your dad is this cool, you can afford to lose a few oppas along the way.