EXID Shows Aegyo at KCON Mexico Fan Meeting
EXID Shows Aegyo at KCON Mexico Fan Meeting
March, 18, 2017 / 08:22 AM PST posted by kcon-admin

What would you give for a chance to meet the lovely ladies of EXID? Some lucky KCON Mexico fans got the chance to meet Hani, Junghwa, Hyerin, and LE!


When the members entered the stage, fans erupted in a frenzy, shouting “EXID! EXID! EXID!” Dressed in matching patterns of leather and red plaid – the ladies were very excited to meet their fans in Mexico!

When asked what they were most looking forward to when coming to Mexico, they all unanimously replied with “food!” Particularly, they were excited to try Mexican tacos. Any recommendations for these ladies?

It wouldn’t be a fan engagement without some aegyo! Member LE demonstrated her three-step aegyo skills, melting the hearts of all the fans in the crowd!

It was the first time EXID were given the opportunity to meet their fans in Mexico, and they thanked each and every one of them with a special hi-touch event.

Thank you so much to EXID for coming out and greeting your fans! Don’t forget – we’ll be live streaming the KCON Mexico concert today and tomorrow at 6:30pm PDT / 9:00pm EDT. Make sure to tune in!