Eric Nam Shows Off Spanish Skills at KCON Mexico Fan Meet!
Eric Nam Shows Off Spanish Skills at KCON Mexico Fan Meet!
March, 18, 2017 / 08:26 AM PST posted by kcon-admin

Eric Nam made hearts flutter and cheeks blush during his special fan engagement at KCON Mexico. And honestly, with that smile and charisma, who wouldn’t be a little dazed?

Even before hitting the stage, fans were screaming “Opppa,” and waited anxiously for him to come out. Like the charmer that he is, he came out waving at fans and throwing out finger hearts.

Eric started off by wowing the crowd with his nearly fluent Spanish skills, which he learned while at school. He’s also a fan of Spanish music, including Shakira, which received loud cheers from the crowd. Not one to miss a chance, Eric was generous with his fan service and even showed off some of his adorable dance moves!

So, what are his plans for after KCON? Well, he has plans for a comeback soon, and is preparing hard on a new album which fans can expect sometime this year!

When asked what he thought about his Mexican fans, Eric noted that they had a lot of passion! Eric Nam thanked his fans for coming out to support him and his fellow artists at KCON Mexico.

To show his appreciation, he participated in the high-touch with fans, and even went the extra mile to a hug a few. Who’s that WooHoo-ing with his fans? Eric Nam, of course!

We’re so happy that KCON Mexico fans got a chance to hang with Eric Nam! He also performed at the KCON Mexico concert last night along with BTS, EXID, and NCT 127. We’ll be recapping the concert soon, so keep a look out for that post!