6 Moderately Inspirational K-Pop Motivational Posters
6 Moderately Inspirational K-Pop Motivational Posters
January, 04, 2017 / 01:47 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

We’re you ever in your school’s counseling office and rather than immediately begin your awkward meeting, you got to sit, wait, and stare at the wall. But, on that wall was a super cheesy, super not-well-produced “inspirational poster” about things like “success,” “challenges,” and “ambition.”

They looked kind of like this:

“I already feel like success is in my grasp…if only I could stop staring at this wall. Also, is this mountain successful?”

But, what if we made posters by the artists who inspire us and fill our YouTube with song. That’s right, what if K-Pop’s funny, sometimes inspirational English lyrics became cheestastic inspirational posters? Why? Why not? Everyone knows the 10th best way to enjoy GOT7’s “Just Right” is in poster form.

Read on and may you giggle at the unholy union of high school posters, K-Pop, and “inspirational” photos that have almost nothing to do with…anything.


1. SHINHWA’s Eric says that your sexiest self is your vampire self.


2. “Okey Dokey” — the motto to guide your negotiation skills…

If your plan is to say yes to everything.


3. Monsta X shows that you can be both polite and confident.

Uh, excuse me, I will be confident.


4. The quotation to explain your ambitions to your friends, courtesy of BTS.

“We have to break up, I’m going to law school.” “Why?” “I got to make it fire, baby.” Works every time, 10% of the time.


5. Love is like food–that’s a thought we can get behind.


6. For those mornings when you look in the mirror and you’re like “ugh.”

There are 7 boys that definitely think you are not “ugh.”