5 Things You Should Never Do in Airport Security – K-Pop Edition
5 Things You Should Never Do in Airport Security – K-Pop Edition
January, 11, 2017 / 06:21 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

Traveling is super stressful for everyone and no one feels the stress of going through customs more than our beloved K-Pop idols, who are constantly running in and out of airports to meet their fans and go on tour.

To get the idol wisdom on flawlessly getting through airport security without being hardcore searched, we headed to our KCON.TV original series “Checkpoint KCON” and here’s the advice we got!

Here’s what you should definitely not do in security as brought to you by the people who know airports best–K-Pop idols.


  1. Don’t sleep in line. We’ve all been there, the line’s long, there’s yoga mats everywhere, people are just throwing around blankets–who wouldn’t get tempted? It may seem ok at the time, but like Pentagon’s Shinwon, you’ll definitely learn that the airport floor is…not clean.

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  2. Don’t use your feet as hands.
    Just because your shoes are off, doesn’t mean it’s time to show off your impressive toe dexterity like Victon’s Do Han Se. Not, if you give Santa toe quarters, you’ll probably end up on the naughty list–forever.

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  3. Do have an impromptu, sexy photoshoot. Don’t injure yourself.
    If you’re a nervous flyer, just being your best, smexiest self can be super helpful.  But beware, the airport is bright and full of sharp corners.  Don’t let a sexy pose become a sexy injury like Halo’s Heecheon.

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  4. Do/Don’t make the security officer fall in love with you–It’s a toss up!
    Let’s be real – this will only prolong the process of you getting out of the airport. But, I guess if you’re like SF9’s RoWoon or Momoland’s Nancy, it can’t really be helped!

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  5. And, finally, the rule we all know, don’t bring items that will land you in trouble.
    If you decide to carry on items like wine like LaBOUM’s Yu Jeong, or a sexy picture like the one smuggled in by ASTRO’s MJ, be prepared to answer some uncomfortable questions!
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Be sure to check back on KCON.TV as other K-Pop groups make their way on “Checkpoint KCON,” and let us know what some of your favorite moments are below!