5 Things We Learned About Upcoming Drama, “Circle: Two Worlds Connected”
5 Things We Learned About Upcoming Drama, “Circle: Two Worlds Connected”
May, 16, 2017 / 05:25 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

If you are anything like us and have sold your soul to the Korean drama lords long ago, then you’ll have no trouble remembering the child actor who played young Iljimae, young Lee Hwon in The Moon Embracing The Sun, young Jung Woo in I Miss You, and basically every other young/teen version of every major Korean drama male lead. That little boy is YEO JIN GOO, and he isn’t very little anymore. In fact, he’s a downright handsome, six-pack touting grown man, and forging a very exciting path as leading man.

Yeo Jin Goo will be one of many talented actors starring in tvN’s upcoming mystery-thriller drama, CIRCLE: Two Worlds Connected. Alongside him is a star studded cast of KIM KANG WOO, GONG SEUNG YEON, comedian KWON HYUK SOO, and HIGHLIGHT’s LEE KI KWANG.

The drama is set around a dystopian world invaded by Aliens who believe they can control humans through their emotions. Audiences will be following along two timelines – one set in 2017 and the other in 2037. tvN has released a special first look into the complex characters and world(s) of Circle, and, like the K-Drama fiends that we are, we went ahead and dissected every single little detail. Read on below to check out our findings!

5 Things We Learned About Mystery-Thriller Drama, “Circle: Two Worlds Connected”

1) Something fishy is going on in 2017 revolving around a string of “serial suicides.”

Kim Woo Jin (Yeo Jin Goo) is a student at a science & tech university, where a slew of his peers (including his own brother) have committed suicide seemingly because of stress. Woo Jin, along with student Han Jung Hyun (Go Seung Yeon), who also experienced a similar situation, are both not convinced with the suicide excuse, and smell foul play. Could the serial suicides actually be a serial murder case? 

2) 2037 introduces us to a world split in two: Smart Earth & Standard Earth.

Smart Earth mirrors a type of forged utopia – free of crime, illness and unhappiness – while Standard Earth is your basic slums filled with pollution and crime. Status and money play an important role in which Earth a person can end up in. 2037 is also the home to passionate detective, Kim Joon Hyuk (Kim Kang Woo).

3) The Smart Earth utopia and philosophy heavily depends on a smart chip called, “Safety Care.”

The chip is inserted behind every Smart Earth citizen’s left ear. When an individual’s angry level seems to be shooting up, the Safety Care will activate and lower those emotions back to a calm state – hence the no crime and negativity (might as well throw in all organic emotions while we’re at it).

4) Government worker and human smiley face, Lee Ho Soo (Lee Ki Kwang), is not all that he appears to be.

Lee Ho Soo’s bright and smiling demeanor is one probably donned by all Smart Earth citizens. He holds the appearance of an important individual at the forefront of the “Safety Care” operation, who also believes in it 100%. However, upon further reveal, we quickly see his bipolar tendencies come to light and his mask slowly unfolding to show a deeply troubled man.

5) Something fishy is also going on in 2037 that may be connected with the something fishy of 2017 – hence the title, CIRCLE.

The rainbows and unicorn world of Smart Earth is met with a colossal dark cloud when they find one of their citizens murdered right under their noses. How could a world with seemingly no anger have something like this occur? Nothing says anger like a good ol’ fashion murder. Detective Joon Hyuk, along with a Detective Oh (Kwon Hyuk Soo), embark on a mission to find the truth behind the strange incident. What they find may also provide answers to what happened in 2017.

Check out all the behind-the-scenes character and plot clips with subs on KCON.TVCircle: Two Worlds Connected will premiere on May 22 on tvN. Will you be watching?


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