11 Fun Facts About SF9 to Get You Pumped For #KCON17NY!
11 Fun Facts About SF9 to Get You Pumped For #KCON17NY!
April, 20, 2017 / 04:33 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

KCON New York has just added another group to their 2017 lineup, and it’s none-other than hot new rookie group, SF9! We are so excited to see the 9 handsome members this year in New York, charming us with their talent and never-ending charisma. Who’s ready?! 

SF9 has recently made a fierce return with catchy new singles, “Easy Love” and “Watch Out.” Though the group is still relatively new in the K-Pop world, they’re definitely one you don’t want to ignore. We’ve prepared a list of fun facts about our boys to get you up to speed and coasting on the SF9 wave!

11 Fun Facts About SF9 That Will Make You Love Them More

1) What’s that Sensational Feeling you’re experiencing? It’s SF9, of course!

SF9 stands for “Sensational Feeling 9.” They competed in their company’s survival competition show, “D.O.B (dance or band)” as Neoz Dance, and won!

2) You may have seen maknae Chani even before SF9 debuted in the tvN drama “Signal.”


We can feel our tear ducts activating all over again. 

3) Chani can also speak duck, which is totally a thing.

The face of an angel and the voice of a…duck? That’s our Chani!

4) Their teamwork makes the dream work.

A joke falls flat? An impression not getting the love it deserves? SF9 members would never let that happen! The boys made a pact to always react and cheer on each member, no matter how badly they fail. If that’s not love, then we don’t know what is!

5) These guys aren’t too worried about slightly destroying their image.

Is it weird that we’re still attracted to this? No, right?

6) They may be super young (Chani was born in 2000!), but they’ve still got their old man moments.


Exhibit A: Zu Ho’s knees just aren’t what they used to be (*tears*)…but we still love him for it!

7) Rowoon holds a master’s in heart fluttering and is working on becoming a makeover artist…and a master of heart fluttering.  makes even idols blush…for his job. Member and resident tall guy, Rowoon, makes hearts flutter every week as one of the Princes on OnStyle’s “Lipstick Prince 2.”


You can catch him apply makeup to blushing idol princesses on “Lipstick Prince 2” right here on KCON.TV every Thursday! 

8) AEGYO? Yes, these guys definitely have that.


They’re so cute, we could cry! Oh wait, we’re already crying.

9) They may be low-key BTS fanboys.

Be still our fangirl/fanboy hearts! We need a BTS-SF9 collaboration, like, now. Along with calling BTS one of their role models, SF9 has also done dance covers of some of their songs.   

10) SF9 has mastered the art of girl group dance.


If all else fails, they may have a career as girl group members.

11) They love their fans!


Their fan group name is called Fantasy, and our boys love them to the moon and back!

How excited are you to see SF9 at KCON NY this year?! Share with us some of your favorite facts about SF9!